Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new ‘buzz word’ of online marketing

In a growing number of countries (Malaysia included), Facebook is the most visited website on the Internet, with the major search engines coming in at a close second. This goes to show the importance that websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube are playing in the way people interact with information online.

Orangutan Solutions have under our management, Facebook pages with tens of thousands of fans, from restaurants, to celebrities, to corporate clients.

Why Does Social Media Work?

  • It’s because social media is considered a ‘natural’ way of interacting with people, giving you more natural back links to your website, which is a very different strategy from PPC advertising.
  • It can grow at a much faster rate than any form of paid advertising – by strategically latching onto, or attracting a good community, you can easily increase your fans and web traffic, especially through ‘viral’ efforts, such as contests, polls, lucky draws etc.
  • It is very similar to word-of-mouth marketing. Social sharing through Facebook or Twitter is seen as almost the same as telling someone yourself about something that you think they would be interested in knowing/ buying/ using.
How Do We Do It?

  • Setup your social media accounts
  • Design them to stand out from the default Facebook pages/ Twitter pages
  • Setup competitions and giveaways
  • Drive traffic to your page using Facebook advertising
  • Engage fans by asking questions, carrying out polls, quizzes and lucky draws
  • Measure what worked and what didn’t

If you’re ready to jump on the social media bus for your business, please view our pricing packages or for those of you who just can’t wait to start, contact us today.